The Idea.

The T-Rack converts your bicycle into a smarter means of transport, capable of easily and safely hauling otherwise inconvenient, bulky  items. Whether it’s for your route to the skatepark, daily commuting or a weekend trip into the countryside – the T-Rack will ensure that you and whatever you want to bring, get there quickly and safely.



The Possibilities.

Use the T-Rack to swiftly and smoothly  transport your board to any skate-spot of choice,  then have a fun and relaxed session with your friends. Once the skating is done, celebrate a great day by cracking open a few cold beers for you and your homies,  using the T-Rack as a bottle opener. The utilisation of the T-Rack is of course not only confined to skateboards but also ecompasses items such as tennis rackets, skis, broomsticks, micro-scooters hockey sticks and even two-handed swords. The incapacity of hauling unwieldy belongings by bike  is now a thing of the past.

The Design.

The T-Rack’s design allows it to naturally adapt to any type of bicycle rack and hence will not compromise the style of your two-wheeled sweetheart. The main focus regarding design is easy and uncomplicated usability. The simple, one handed operation of the T-Rack allows for an unbelievably straightforward and uncomplicated appliance, making the T-Rack your perfect companion for everyday travelling. To guarantee durability, we just use high quality materials like 6061 aircraft grade aluminium and stainless steel.


City Life.

No matter if you’re on the way to the lake with your fishing rod or en route to practice with your hockey stick, the T-Rack will get you and your equipment quickly and safely to wherever you need to go and at the same time also enables you to lead a more sustainable and enviromentally friendly lifestyle  by abstaining from using a car. The T-Rack, does not only make your life easier but  is also an important contribution to the environment.


About us.

The T-Rack was designed in Vienna by Michael Paul and Wendelin & Florian Fortner. Michael Paul is manager of two viennese Streetwear stores, STIL-LADEN & PAAR LADEN. The brothers Fortner both run ELEKTROBIKER, which is a specialised dealer for E-Bikes. All stores of these entrepreneurs are located in the very hip and flourishing  viennese district of Neubau.

Wendelin Fortner, Michael Paul & Florian Fortner